Forschungsprojekt „Culture Based Leadership Styles“

A major premise of this project is that any kind of ‘etic’ approach towards global leadership only partially explains contemporary leadership in China. Rather an ‘emic’ perspective has to be complemented. Our study deals with the leadership behaviour of Chinese managers. Unfamiliar with the Chinese culture and their ways of doing business foreign managers will encounter differences. The objectives are to examine the fundamentals of Chinese culture with respect to leadership, identify the most popular leadership mechanisms and outline basic business implications. A questionnaire was designed for testing which leadership styles can be identified in China.

On the basis of a questionnaire measuring Chinese leadership styles, we tested the possible differences between German employees working in Chinese companies in Germany according to their perception of the leadership styles used by either Chinese or German managers. The results revealed that the leadership styles of the Chinese managers in Germany is perceived as problematic and could be improved. Genuine Chinese leadership styles show many advantages in general, but seem to be highly dysfunctional in Germany. A possible future direction will be discussed to improve the understanding of Chinese leadership styles in a Non-Chinese environment.


Busch, R., Unger, A., May, C., McMahon, R. & Wang, Y. 2013. Cultural Based Chinese Leadership Styles in a Globalised Market. International Journal of Chinese Culture and Management, 3(3), 303–322.

Busch, R., & Wang, Y. 2013. A Comparison of Leadership Styles between Chinese and German Managers of Chinese Companies in Germany A Comparison of Leadership Styles between Chinese and German Managers of Chinese Companies in Germany. Web Journal of Chinese Management Review, 16(2), 1–17.


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